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Welcome to the site of the best one-man show game. The main role is us black and white heroes, that his courage is really breathtaking. You can play 24/7 free online. Experience an amazing experience to sift heads in each of the games and help your hero to become what in fact it is, a true legend!
WARNING - This game contains dialogues and animations that some viewers may find disturbing

About the Sift Heads

Vinne, Kiro and Shorty are the Sift Heads, lonely professional killers, who easily knows how to defeat the enemy. In built up an excellent black-white combination, each game has its own way specific and different. There are a variety of missions, from saving, through various opponents and murders all the other bad guys, to romantic moments with his lady. In front of you is the 35 great games, and to you to decide what kind of action you're ready. The selection was difficult, but in the following text will be discussed every mode in the game, so go ahead. I hope that after this choice will be much easier.

Various game modes

Sift Renegade Head - This segment of the game is dedicated to routine handling swords and various other daggers. Really interesting part of the game, because there is no trace of firearms, and the action is a handful. You've got every enemy several times to pierce, because you will give it a tad overcome. Note that not approaching too, that would not hurt the hero. Try to be fast, you'll only on the way to succeed not cross each game in this mood.
Sift Heads World Act - This part of the game allows you to choose one of three characters. Home action moves so that the first well they saw exactly where it is to be your enemies easier to kill them. Another benefit is that you can do in addition to firearms, to choose some other types of these deadly objects. For example, get to choose shuriken. Alone during the game that changed their guns, so do not have to worry about.
Sift Heads Unblocked 0-6 - In this segment of the game is covered everything that makes this game interesting. From cracking the kinds of rifles and pistols, to disgust with the knife. In every sense of the word, unforgettable action is guaranteed. The interest of this mode is that in each new part of the action continues. Play the all 6 parts of Unblocked Sift Heads, believe me, you will not regret.
Sift Heads Assault - This is one of the bloodiest parts of the game. A lot of shooting, a lot of blood, a lot of murders. As he explains word assault, all three works will keep preoccupied. Run and shoot, this could be called the segment. In addition moi ces and anger hands, as Aita well done. If you're thirsting for adrenaline, this mode is certainly for you created.
Sift Heads Cartels Act - The battle between cartels has never been so tense. Sift Heads Unblocked crew will have everything to overcome them and thus keep the peace. Excellent created all three parts, it will bring you a memorable campaign with a lot of shooting and thinking first of all. Only in this way you'll be able to get each level. In addition to quick hands and fast reaction of your brain will be useful, because what are you waiting for, go on an adventure.
Vinnies Shooting Yard - Winnie the man overprotective. Nicodemus does not want to see on his farm. You have to help him in this, so what are you going to hit and cast them everything's enemies and their firearms. Not an easy task ahead of you, but if you truly believe and sympathize with Vinne, then these motifs is missing.
In addition to these, there are a few games that are definitely also be played: Vinnies Rampage, Sift Xmess, Sift Shorty, Shorty Covers.

The main characters of the game

Kiro - A man who very ably handled knives and various non firearms. You thought pistol or rifle can overwhelm the enemies, well, Kiro and will make you to change your thinking.
Vinne - An incredible and unstoppable character that is simply Dad machine guns. Rifle him by another name, and thus a very good guess their opponents. He is very fast and agile for the best and in this he does.
Shorty - A flawless and generous lady with immense courage. You think it does not, and in fact was on fire. Easily handled a gun when he was born with it. Its charm is very well used, that her couple of times and saved my life..

Final summary

If you're really a fan of these types of games, where the graphics do not come to the fore, and where action has as much as you want, where you race, shooting, throwing knives, jumping, climbing… then this is truly a site for you. And if you love all manner of weapons, you must visit definitely Sift Heads and enjoy this virtual world unreal good.